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Kitchen remodel we gave a gave a new kitchen feel with out the cost by cutting out the big ticket items. in this build we did not do : new cabinets new appliances or have to move and maker plumbing of electric.  By cutting those costs from the budget saves thousands. What we did do was paint the stains cabinets. witch is not an easy task first we find out if the cabinets are of a material witch can be put though this kind of stress meaning they have to be solid wood. Not of partial board or over layer with thermal foil you can tell this yourself bu seeing of there has been and coating of plastic or a sticker of sorts that is pealing or chipping off.  To start this process we first remove all the doors and drawer faces from the drawer body’s and cabinets.  It is really wise when your doing Kitchen and Bathroom remodels in Cornelius & Huntersville North Carolina that you number the cabinet peaces as you remove them from there space and remove all the hardware.  Next if your not on a bathroom remodel we are going to prep the doors and drawers by 1. remove all oils and dirt with a good wipe down Dawn dish soap and a sponge then hand to the next guy to dry off and leave in the sun. 2. a light sand we are trying to remove the glossy finish we are using a 320 grit on an orbital sander then on or in the spaces the sander will not fit we are using a chemical hey Glosser the product doesn’t look like it’s doing very much but it is breaking down some of that original lacquer. 3. Now we are ready for primer to achieve this step we were going to hang the cabinets in a way that the hanger holes are out of sight which means. What does this mean that the upper cabinets will be hung right side up because no one will see the two small hanger holes from the top side of the cabinet you would have to be over 7 1/2 feet tall, then the lower cabinets Will have to be hung upside down no one will see the hanger holes on the bottom of the bottom cabinet that’s right out of sight do not screw up the step or you will be crying later.  When it comes to priming the product is very important where are using a primer by Zinser called BIN it is a shellac based primer meaning it cannot be cleaned with water or mineral spirits the appropriate way to clean your equipment is with distilled alcohol. We ran this primer through an airless sprayer it does use about a quarter gallon to get the hose prepped but once you start spraying it does not use very much product. Important note with your arrow sprayer do you want to use a fine low flow tip if you ignore the step you will not be successful at painting these cabinets after a few test strips on a piece of garbage material we are going to have the sprayer on its lowest pressure setting.