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I am Chad Malmstrom, owner of Chisel Construction and Home Improvement LLC, the former K&M Remodeling LLC. We specialize in home remodeling Denver NC in Lake Norman, North Charlotte area. To tell you a bit about myself: I am dyslexic and growing up that fact seemed to always have me somewhat separated from the mainstream, by always being enrolled in special, smaller classes to help me grasp the lessons and concepts, which to my perception, were accomplished by my peers with ease. I voluntarily took summer school to attempt to improve myself. By the time it came to going to college I had somewhat understood that I was not an academic, yet I hadn’t yet decided that home remodeling Denver NC would be in my future and ultimately my means to independence and success. Despite my academic difficulties, I did pursue higher education at the Community College level, which I accomplished by advising my professors prior to class of my difficulties, and in turn, I did receive advance notice of assignments and extended time to accomplish such. As you can see, it wasn’t a normal college experience. The time spent did serve as a laboratory on how to establish time frames that I dictate, which allows me today to construct elaborate schedules in order to advise customers on specific beginning and end time of their most precious projects.

As a 2nd year college student in Florida, a hurricane advisory was posted. A few buddies and I saw an opportunity to advertise storm shutter installation. After purchasing a few tools, we provided the neighborhood with this needed service, and we succeeded in turning a small profit. Realizing success, my motivation began, and the start of a career in home remodeling Denver NC began. I was hooked; I found something that I knew I was good at it, and I knew the profession could yield me real results. As a student my goal was to acquire a Bachelors in Business Administration. With the business success I had just realized, I understood that the general knowledge I was studying in school, was the actual learning I had just accomplished.

The next project was to rebuild a dock; I intuitively completed the job without having to get in the water. For the first time in my life, my peers were asking me how I knew how to accomplish what I had just done, and were very impressed. In thinking about my future, I imagined myself as a three-piece suit, corporate CEO type, now I realized my future would be home improvement, with myself in capacities of both tradesmen and project manager. I heard some insightful words of advice from my good friend’s successful father who spoke French, thus the verbiage has been interpreted: “If you’re a plumber f*cking plum, do what you like even if you don’t see much money doing it at first, eventually you will be successful at it!” Those words stuck with me, probably because this was a conservative looking fella, and the fact that he would curse like that, amazed me, and to have achieved the degree of success he had, was inspiring. Just maybe, I can do the same, and so the story progressed.

After college, I began soliciting business by placing flyers on people’s cars at Home Depot and Lowes, risking incarceration for illegal solicitation. I took on a roof job knowing nothing of the trade, but because, I had a friend who did, I pursued his knowledge, and again almost instinctively, I figured out the application from the advice given, and performed the task in the most efficient manner and completed the job to perfection.

Today, I am an insured contractor performing home remodeling Denver NC. I credit my success to my self-evaluation, determination, and perseverance and am grateful to my loyal clients for their high expectations and uncompromising standards, for making me into an exceptional home remodeler I am today. I like to instill the same passion and enthusiasm to my staff. I ask three rhetorical questions on interview: 1.) Do you enjoy what you do? 2.) Are you good at it? 3.) Are you really concerned with what the outcome is? If you are unable to answer those questions with confidence, then my employ may not be the best work environment for you. Not only are you wasting my time but, more importantly, you are wasting your own. Safety is a major concern of mine. Home remodeling Denver NC requires dexterity and conscientious pursuit; these characteristics are a must for my staff.

Are you a Homeowner? Are you looking to do home remodeling Denver NC on your own home? If you are, then this is what you can expect from Chisel Construction. The very best of craftsmanship, with an emphasis on excellence performed safely. I believe that yesterday’s best is today’s average. Our jobs are staffed with the same skilled craftsmen from start to finish. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, tile, woodworking, paint all done by the same people. Having the same crew eliminates the finger pointing blame game that happens when two different subcontractors are involved in a project. Having the same staff likewise streamlines your project and brings it to completion as quickly as possible. We exclusively take on projects that are homeowner occupied. This forces a different approach than a typical property management or new home development project, where the property in unoccupied. During your project, we aim to keep your home a habitable environment during the entire task. As this is one of the hallmarks of my business, it sets us apart from others. We staff your project from start to finish consecutively. We are cognisant of the fact that we are your guest, being in your home, is an inconvenience, and that having an interruption in the project with no staff present for any length of time, is an added frustration. This will not happen to your project should you choose Chisel construction. We start and finish a project to the time schedule we develop, and present to you at time of onset.

It is my desire that our end goal is to create a masterpiece as we take care of your home remodeling Denver NC needs. We specialize in and enjoy creativity. We encourage, appreciate and entertain ideas found in such web pages as Pinterest or houzz.com. Every project is unique and presents its own set of challenges, which we embrace with enthusiasm. For your next improvement, please consider the best, safest, and most creative team for your project by choosing Chisel Construction as your Bathroom Contractor. I look forward to working with you on Chisel’s next masterpiece.

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