Residential Remodel

I would like to explain how we have found the most efficient way to have your home remodeling Denver NC project come to a finish leaving you proud of what has been achieved. Before our first meeting I will suggest printing any design ideas from the internet that you like and bringing them to our meeting.

Bathroom Remodel

Our first consultation we will discuss your ideas and review some choices that will have an impact on you over all coast. Some of these home remodeling Denver NC expenses are: Curbed or curbless shower, radiant flooring, steam bath, relocation of layout such as moving walls and toilet location, vanity custom build or ordered online. Now we are on our way and we can see if our ambitions fall inside your budget. I will now give you a very specific homework assignment to pick out a few things of which I will tell you the most convenient and price conscious places to shop. These items may include: vanity, shower mixing valve, tub, tub filler, & tile. I am always available to answer any questions and or to confirm sizes, better safe than sorry. Most of this items are easiest to be ordered online but for the ones that are not we are happy to pick up at “will call” for we will are usually at Lowe’s picking up raw materials for your project at the start of every day. No need to concern yourself with anything outside our list we reviewed, I will be picking up all your raw materials: rough plumbing, cement board, drywall EXT. (All contractor discounts for your home remodeling Denver NC will be forwarded to client) I will confirm with you that all the materials we need from you are there prior to start, this will ashore that our construction time is as short as possible.

Chisel construction promises to have your job staffed and continuously worked on thought its completion. Following my business model of taking on one home remodeling Denver NC project at a time, we don’t do what is called “job hopping”. We give you all our attention. Every job will have design choices and other change orders or add ons such as: lighting placement, tile patterns, derive inlays, ect. You will have our full attention to have addressed immediately most times dally . Our typical master bathroom home remodeling Denver NC will have a construction time of 2-3 weeks. Our turn over time is so short do to we are not waiting around for other technicians, all our work is done in house we tackle all the trades. Plumbing, Electric, HVAC, Framing, Drywall, Tile / Masonry, Painting, Doors & Trim. The same team is on your project from start to finish. This really puts an end to the finger pointing blame game that happens far to often when a discrepancy comes between sub contractors.

After the home remodeling Denver NC is complete we will have my shower glass / enclosure contractor come take measurements and you will discuss height and hardware. This will be a separate agreement between you two, and will be an added expense. His fabrication time is typically under 2 weeks and will only take about 2 hours to install. Well done. You have successfully navigated through a remodel resulting in a spa quality masterpiece of which a big part of you daily reflection takes place. All said and done this new tanqual area of your home is a place to feel the rewards of your success and prosperity.

Kitchen Remodel

For this home remodeling Denver NC project, first determine whether we are replacing the cabinets or not. If we are I would like to know ahead of time so I may organize my cabinet maker to meet us for our first consultation. I have experienced getting cabinets from lowe’s who are the most expensive, and may have inexperienced installers. I have ordered cabinets from places like Cabinets For Less and Cabinet Kings. The initial coast may be cheaper but what is charged to assemble of which there aren’t directions and install makes going with a local fabricator the best choice. God forbid there is a spacer or box missing it can delay the project up to three weeks. You may find Logo links to specialty trades like my cabinet maker on this site.

After our layout is determined I will give you the price on getting the job cabinet ready. This home remodeling Denver NC will include demo of the existing kitchen, relocation of electrical to include lighting and range hood, same with your plumbing, gas, and HVAC if necessary, drywall finishing, flooring, trim, and paint. We will determine a start date. We usually do a period of time when you can be out of town living without a kitchen is not the easiest. The shell depending on scope can take 2-4 weeks and will be coordinated in a way that our cabinets will be completed by the time our work is complete.

The 3rd contractor you will have and agreement with is for our countertops. You will choose your product ahead of time but fabrication may not start until your cabinets are in place and the installers can take final measurements. At this time there will not be anyone working on your home we can set up a temporary sink and plywood for countertop space so you may have some resemblance of normality during this time. The countertops will take a day to install and when complete. Chisel construction will come back to do appliance installation: sink, garbage disposal, oven, cook top, dishwasher, and backsplash. Any touch ups on your home remodeling Denver NC project will be addressed at this time. Congratulations your have a place to enjoy all your culinary delights. We have a typical kitchen remodel times down to 2 ½ months when orcistated correctly. All your responsibility is to have all you appliances chosen before cabinet fabrication.

Chisel construction has many other expertise in home remodeling Denver NC: bonus rooms, man caves, specialty projects that require craftsmanship and an artistic point of view. The clients that we have serviced become clients for life I look forward to working with you.

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