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Original water damage

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My client in Huntersville North Carolina called about some exterior wood damage. From a carpentry perspective these can get a little tricky.  Step one removing the damaged area. I like to use a multi tool two as cleanly great straight lines. The importance to making your lines as straight and clean as possible will be a parent for the next step. Handyman in Cornelius North Carolina have experienced a lot of exterior carpentry projects that were created from water damage.

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strait lines

First step to we are going to describe the pieces to fit into the damage we cut out. For this trip we will need a few tools a small miter saw a table saw an orbital sander with new blades and pads was what I got away with. The original damage that I removed I’m also now using as a template to create my new inserts. With making these pieces I’m being conscious of respecting the original profile of the door jam. As a bathroom remodeler we are always trying to keep projects aesthetically pleasing. For this part I chose to use two pieces of 2 x 4 white pine. The first piece for snuggly fit inside the jam. The second piece will be on the exterior of the home and requires a channel cut out so that our weatherstripping came out too.

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fit as snug as possible

“Calk and Paint make it what it ain’t”  for longevity I use a silicone based cock around all my seams and wood filler and any imperfections. After I clock in before I paint I take time to clean up my area vacuum inside and out. Being a professional my shop vac also turns into a leaf blower. Taking a little bit of time to make the area cleaner than when you came is definitely encouraging for customers to give you a five star review.

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Carpentry painted

To bring this project to a finished phase will require at least two coats of paint. Door frames are typically made out of untreated white pine so painting it acts like a coat of protection. Paint is not just for aesthetic purposes and protects your building materials against the elements.  Painting your project with at least two coats is imperative and important to get in where the weatherstripping is even though you can’t see it. It is important to use the paint as a level of protection not just to make it look pretty.
is a link to a local remodeler that does the same thing that we do.