0A650129 1F70 4453 B357 8F8740D8D57E 52A499E2 AB4A 4B45 9186 DA4E72209779 79844964 3495 471F B5EC 8BA914275588 CB794DA0 8E76 4443 B173 68C9D06A073B 0E5711CB 925F 4F5F 9BA9 24FB78B49FAAAs a Bathroom Remodeler Kitchen Remodeler overall Handyman sometimes we are asked to do Commercial Space Renovations. Here is one we did in Davidson North Carolina.  On this build we replaced:  Drop ceiling, Flooring baseboards trim work, Painted all walls and trim, Moved a few walls modified space to make sense for the new business and finally remodeled bathroom.  This will be my firs post and what we are trying to do is add content to website mainly to have google recognize my website as a bathroom remodeler. Chisel Constructions I.T. help come from Vish Jaju you can email him at [email protected].  his website is https://www.onebricktech.com/  He suggests to have more then five hundred woods of content

On this build we added Three tankless hot water heaters. The space was fairly large and there were only three small prep sinks witch needed hot water.  We went with 120V five gallons per minute tankless hot water heaters.  I was the best choice for the space.  Let me give you a pro tip the tankless hot water heaters need a certain volume of water running through it of the heating will not activate.  What does this mean? I there is and EPA low flow regulator or governor on the sink screens the there might not be enough volume to engage the heating element and you client who usually calls you for bathroom remodels is asking why the tankless hot water heater is not working and you have to go all the way to Davidson North Carolina to learn for yourself you need to unscrew the foist screen to allow more water to come out so you tankless hot water heater will engage when the left side faucet is on.  The whole act pulled you away from valuable time from doing bathroom remodels in Cornelius Noth Carolina

Interior painting on this job was slightly more challenging because of the buildings bold and dark original colors. Before we get started all the drywall finishing is addressed. Similar to being a Kitchen contractor the drywall work needs to be flawless. All the nail pops thumbtack and wall holes need to be addressed with drywall mud, the stained to be brought down to a flat finish. To bring the walls to a neutral color we had them all primed. The primer is not just for color it is of texture.  A consistent orange peal texture thought out the painted surface is what an expert painter and Bathroom contractor would be looking for.   When it comes the the trim work for the most part the baseboard was painted three time before it was installed. This way is a lot easier to paint waist high the bending over to paint on the floor.

Trim work baseboards castings and doors on the job.  1600 ft.² of baseboards Cam unprimed because we put down new flooring I wanted to change the look we replaced all the baseboards which now I had the opportunity to sit on top of the floating floor eliminating the necessity for quarter round or shoe molding.  I have to agree it does have a better look.  be forward that if the floor has hills and rallies that the baseboard is not as forgiving as a shoe molding or quarter round.  vertical imperfections in the floor will be recognized