We are looking forward to our next bathroom remodel.  The job we are on this week in fixing a dropping floor.  An old leek resulted in some sagging in the open web floor trusses.  The remedy to this problem was suggested by a structural engineer.

First we expose all the problem area. In this case it was a 16 foot by 19 foot area.  Revealing any other structural problems of witch there aren’t any.  Now what is recommended is to sandwich the trusses with 1/2 inch ply wood

We are a bathroom and Kitchen remodeling service but that steely dissent limit us to that scope. When we are jumping in-between trades, Plumbing electric HVAC framing drywall trim work paint around around we go a basement  is just an extenuation of that in a different room.

Lets get into it here is my HVAC Ethen (980)406-0877


So what we are doing a basement. 12 foot sheets of drywall to have a few less seems.  It serenely takes 3 people to manipulate a big sheet like that into place.  Getting the joints tight is the very important. This will reflect on how good the drywall finishing will be.  On a ceiling drywall finishing is the most challenging, especially if there is any natural light coming into the space. If there is a window that is close to the ceiling now you’re in trouble.  The light will run right across the ceiling accenting all the hills and valleys in the finishing work.

Drywall Finishing: This is a skill that is only learned by experience.  Plumbing, Electric can be read out of a book it works or it doesn’t. How pretty it is only really matters to the tradesmen and the inspector. Now the art of drywall finishing really has its foundation in long fluent strokes. The most mud you can have on your trowel, and the thinest you can pull it, is what makes good work.

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