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This content was written for Chisel construction & home improvement.

Hello my name is Chad owner and president of Chisel Construction and Home Remodeling Denver NC. I have been working as a remodel on with homeowners for the past 20 years and have created a business strategy that maximizes my satisfaction. I have a four part strategy that has been working to achieve me he over 70+ positive reviews you can see on Angie’s List and my Google business page. My strategy may not be the most profitable one but offers my clients individual attention necessary give me a specific goals and allows us to focus necessary we as creative as possible for your project.

Chisel construction Home Remodeling Denver NC takes on one project at a time my team composed of myself and skilled craftsmen have a small enclosed trailer which is on the job from start to finish this helps out two fold. First we have everything necessary to complete the job at the job no holdups managing tools between multiple projects. Second we are not job hopping meaning there will be no other projects taken on while we are working with you. Warning this is a common practice for contractors to take on a more lucrative job or an emergency repair during your project which leads to timely delays and lack of focus, this does not happen with Chisel Construction.

Transparent material pricing provided by Chisel Construction Home Remodeling Denver NC. Our projects are always very style specific for each remodel I’m material cost are not marked up or inflated to be sold to the customer. All contractor discounts through our vendors directly benefit the client. Chad will also allow you to purchase through his business.

Home Remodeling is primarily a remodeler, as opposed to new construction or property management we are using the latest techniques to keep your home I have work environment during this construction process. Most of our clientele are homeowner occupied quarantine off it worked on area and cleaning up for you live in your home is one of the cornerstones of my business. Painters plastic carpet shield construction paper and other barriers are used to protect your home. There’s no doubt about it living through a construction zone isn’t the easiest thing that is a specially isn’t easy if the person you’re working with has not set the appropriate allotment of time each day to clean up after themselves.

Subcontractors are only used for the specialty Tradesmen Cabinet Maker countertops Glass and closures. All other trades are done in house my craftsman are well-versed and electrical plumbing HVAC carpentry masonry tile work etc. Having the same skilled craftsmen on the job from start to finish illuminate the finger pointing blame game so often experience between subcontractors. This practice also allows us to expedite the timeline of the project not waiting for different Tradesmen to do their work. My name is Chad and I do I look forward to working with you and creating a masterpiece in your own home.

Home Remodeling Denver NC | Skilled Craftsmen

This content was written for Chisel construction & home improvement.

I would like to introduce myself Chad Malmstrom president and owner of Chisel Construction home remodeling Denver NC I am working for myself since 1999 of course through the times I’ve had various partners who I have learned a great deal from for the most part I just hired people who knew more than I did and paid attention. Both my previous business partners were excellent in sales which is definitely an area that I have struggled with since the beginning.

My first partner Bram Kane who is two years my junior did not have 1 ounce of craftsmanship and his body but was able to earn your trust and confidence, complete stranger and relatively short amount of time. I went to smile being attaching the body language voice inflections and social cues he dominated the conversation without you knowing it from the very start. Is excellent shape and all the letters to the gym and jobs that were way over our head and put me in a position to time and˛Ω then skilled enough to accomplish the task at hand. This forced me into a position of leadership but I eventually parlayed into home remodeling Denver North Carolina. Ambitious and possibly overzealous just to be working for myself I threw myself into the technicians role swinging a hammer and learning as much as I can for my seniors as possible.

I learned one task at a time. Starting with trim work baseboard, casing,, Hanging doors and windows. Each skill that I learned I build my arsenal of tools and equipment. After a few years my project management abilities or not you are more profitable enough for us to remain partners and was cut out of the deal. Soon I was doing home remodeling Denver North Carolina, but before I get to that I went thought a second partner.

Mr. Tim Van Ortin A skilled traidsmen and an excellent salesman who is 12 years my senior. He was a master at the art of a one call close. To shave work in those days we would go to all the local home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot and blanket the parking lot with our flyers. It was illegal solicitation but we did what we had to to get the work. With only a 1.5% call back ratio for flyer and only a 40% closing ratio it was not the easiest marketing strategy.

Chisel Construction home remodeling Denver NC is now ready to be born. With the skills and strategies obtain from these two business partners I branched out on my own. I was told by a man smarter than me that if I do what I love I will eventually make money at it. Would you let me to bathroom and kitchen remodeling with the scope of work and allows me to entertain all my skills from plumbing electrical HVAC carpentry tile work, ect. We take pride in every project we take on and give it the effort necessary to create a masterpiece something we can be proud of.